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This is how you can earn IMVU credits

Posted by Joe on February 17 2016, 11:19am

Twisted Sims

What comes up on your mind when you heard about IMVU? It doesn’t stand for anything or have special meaning. IMVU is an online social game that has awesome 3D open-world to explore. Social game main characteristic is the interaction among the members. In IMVU’s virtual world, you can meet new people and hang out with them. Of course, it has stunning animation; more than 3 million members already experience it.

Once you sign up, the first thing to do is decide the username and customize the avatar. The avatar is the representation of you in the game. You can freely customize the hairstyle, clothes, accessories, and even pet.

There are various items that can be obtained for free. If you are satisfied with your free items avatar, you can proceed to the game and start socializing. But some rare and cool items require the credits. Credits are the currency in IMVU’s virtual world. There are various ways to earn IMVU credits such as using cash or involved in promotion partner activity. In addition, you can earn IMVU credits directly in the game by completing some tasks.

The easiest way to earn credits

Indeed, there are various ways to earn IMVU credits like I have mentioned above. Selling your 3D goods is another ways. Personally, I think this is the easiest way to earn IMVU credits. You create your own goods and sell it at the marketplace. It may take a little extra effort to do that. But it’s worth seeing your goods sold in high value.

Creating and selling your own goods is the best for the member who has good creativity and design skills. Cal3D Library is your best partner in this case. It’s a powerful tool with huge popularity among gamer who love to design item or add-on.

Every member can create their own goods without any restriction. You only need to pay a little credit for the submission. After that, you are able to create your own goods and sell it to the crowd.

If you can produce high-quality goods, you can earn a lot of credits in short time. So think outside the box. Create the goods that have unique characteristic and appeal.

Sometimes the developer held an event for everyone to show off their goods and do the auction. Yes, it’s your golden chance. You need to perform well in the event. Despite you don’t be the winner, to show your goods in front of million crowds is always worth to try. Who knows you will gain massive popularity because your goods have its own appeal.

Selling virtual goods in IMVU provides an extra pocket money for you. The IMVU credits can be converted to the real cash. To do that you needs a help from the third parties. They will buy your credits with the real cash. You just need to have a PayPal account for the transaction and they will transfer the money to you.

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